Art therapy combines simple, inviting art supplies, with lots of support and encouragement from a trained art therapist, to help individuals create art as an outlet for their feelings.

Art therapy is helpful for:

  • improving self esteem
  • reducing anxiety and negative feelings
  • processing grief and loss
  • releasing anger
  • increasing confidence
  • and much more!


About Me:

My name is Colleen Sheridan and I am an art therapist who loves working with clients to enhance their well-being.

I am also a working  artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and a post graduate diploma in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

My love of practicing art therapy developed during the time I spent completing my practicum at Elsie Roy Elementary School in Vancouver, where I provided one to one  art therapy sessions to students with a variety of challenges, including anxiety, anger, grief and loss, attention difficulties, as well as life transitions such as divorce and relocation.


My art therapy practice includes spontaneous art sessions for children as well as wellness workshops for adults.

About Art Therapy

What to Expect
Simple, inviting materials such as clay, paints, pastels, and colourful craft supplies are chosen by the client to make art, and in the process to express, explore, and discover personal thoughts and feelings. 

The role of the art therapist is to provide a safe, supportive, and encouraging space, ensuring that the client feels free to fully express themselves creatively.

When an individual visually represents their authentic self, and feels seen and accepted by the art therapist, healing and growth naturally occur.‚Äč

Art Therapy

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"As a Clinical Counsellor who works with children and families, I worked with Colleen for 3 years while she completed her practicum for the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She is a kind, calm and compassionate person who made the children feel heard and understood through the medium of art. As a counsellor, I highly recommend Colleen and her fun, hands-on approach to counselling through art."

Leslie Silverwood, Registered Clinical Counsellor


Colleen Sheridan B.A., D.V.A.T.I

"I have seen first hand, as a Student Support Worker  who works with children with special needs, how positively the kids responded to Colleen's patient, flexible, thoughtful, and creative approach."

Erin Gauthier

Elementary School Student Support Worker